Twilly Base Fabrics

Gunold Twilly™ and Canvay™ are fantastic base materials for logos, badges, appliqués, and emblems. Both fabrics are tight and solid, so monograms stand out and are very crisp and clear. Laser-cut appliqués guarantee neat embroidery edges and save time from manual cutting. Gunold Canvay™ is a durable canvas fabric which is perfect for helping small lettering to pop and can be directly printed on because it is 100% polyester.



  • Robust twill fabric
  • Backed with a permanent nonwoven coating
  • Ideal base fabric for most situations
  • Available in 16 standard colors.


  • Durable canvas fabric
  • Backed with a permanent nonwoven coating
  • Lettering and intricate details are more vivid and distinct
  • Print directly on this 100% polyester fabric
  • Available in black, white, and special dyes upon request.

Technical Information
Material Composition:
Twill fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
CANVAY: 100% polyester
Nonwoven: 100% polyester

Color Range:
Twilly: Available in 16 standard color shades. Special colors available upon request.
Canvay: available in black and white and special dyes upon request
Twill fabric: 215 g/m2
CANVAY: canvas fabric 200 g/m2
Nonwoven: 115 g/m2
Sizes Available:
Twilly rolls - 31 inches x 36 inches (1 yard) 
Canvay rolls – new product, please contact us.
Twilly Base Fabrics