Thermofilm Backing

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Gunold Thermofilm™ is a heat-sensitive film that is complete removed by a household iron once embroidery is complete. As a replacement for non-woven embroidery stabilizers, it's perfect for when you're trying to prevent any embroidery backing from showing. You'll have flawless embroideries that look great on both sides!


Main Uses

Best for delicate fabrics that are worn against the skin, such as women's outerwear, children wear and infant clothing. It's also ideal when both sides of an embroidery are visible (like a handkerchief) and stabilizer residues must be removed.


Instructions for Use

Put the basic fabric with THERMOFILM into the embroidery hoop (rough side of the foil towards the fabric)
After embroidering, expose the reverse side of the embroidery and tear away overlapping stabilizer.
Using an iron on medium /highest, depending on the basic fabric, move the iron in a circular motion, until all the remaining film melts forming little balls.
Shake or brush off remnants.
Never use an ironing press. The back and forth movement of the iron is necessary.
Never iron with steam!
Tip: The smoother the fabric surface, the easier THERMOFILM backing can be removed. It's ideal for jerseys, shirts, blouse fabrics, silk and denim.
Gunold Thermofilm™ is not suitable for fibrous or high-pile materials, as the film residues will stick to the loops during the ironing process. Use Solvy classic or Solvy 80 for these fabric types.


Gunold THERMOFILM™ Technical Information

Material: Thermoplastic film based on polyethylene copolymers.
Storage: Keep THERMOFILM in a dry place and away from direct sunlight!
Strength: 30 μ, approx. 27 g/m2
Sold in 2 different roll sizes - 
39.5 inches x 220 yards (clear) and 39.5 inches x 55 yards (clear)
Thermofilm Backing