PAL 2 (Perfect Alignment Laser) with Target Stickers

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Introducing PAL2 – Laser Crosshair Lamp

Introducing PAL2 - Laser Crosshair Lamp
PLUS 100 Target Stickers FREE!

PAL2 (Perfect Alignment Laser) easily attaches to your work surface. PAL2 makes it so easy to hoop square. Just raise or lower the laser to align the outer hoop's horizontal and vertical center markings with the illuminated crosshair. After sliding the fabric under the beam and inserting the inner hoop into the outer hoop, you know the fabric is square in the hoop!  2 Year  Warranty

Plus, PAL2 works with any hoop!

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Use PAL2 to:

  • Quickly locate the center of pockets, plackets, bags and more
  • Connect continuous embroidery designs
  • Verify design placement on large items such as jacket backs, banners, pants and more
  • Assist in letter positioning

PAL2 features:

  • Adjustable lamp head
  • Lock-in permanent position
  • Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair
  • Bright, crisp Non-Gaussian lines show uniform brightness across entire length of beam
  • Reflective 6" wide and 3" tall shade protects laser beam
  • Adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼" thick
  • 28" arm with flexible elbow joint
  • Adjustable height
  • Weighted base post firmly slips into the adjustable clamp

PLUS 100 Target Stickers FREE!

  • Forget using chalk or markers to plan your embroidery layout.
  • You invest your time and talent creating beautiful embroidered projects.
  • Don't risk damaging your fabric with pens or messy chalk.
  • Target Stickers are the ideal solution to planning your embroidery layout. These removable, reusable stickers are not only clean and convenient; they will become an indispensable tool in your embroidery productions.
  • The stickers have a crosshair - making it easy to position your needle in the center of the crosshair. As long as the needle is centered in the crosshair you can be confident the embroidery design will be stitched in the position you planned! 
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