Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint)

Needles come in a 100 needle pack.

For the most successful embroidery, it's important to choose a high quality embroidery needle, like an Organ embroidery needle. Organ company was founded in 1946, so they have had time to initially develop and then perfect the world's finest machine embroidery needle! It follows that Organ makes a great ballpoint needle.

Next Needle offers Organ brand needles in a variety of ballpoint sizes.

As a quick embroidery needle tip, choose a medium ballpoint for terrycloth, fleece, and any variety of fabrics, regardless if heavy or light weight.For materials such as thick sweatshirts, choose a large ballpoint needle for separating and moving the threads to the side.Larger needles accommodate Gunold's poly 40 or Gunold's Filaine thread or cotton thread.

In contrast, for a great result with small letters and intricate detail, we highly recommend a 65/9 ballpoint embroidery needle in conjunction with Gunold's polyester 60 weight embroidery thread, which is a thinner thread designed specifically to give you excellent clarity in small embroidery stitch applications.

Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint)


Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint) Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint) Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint) Needles Organ SES (Ballpoint)