Learn from the Expert: Place it Like a Pro

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Learn the ins and outs of perfect placement with Deborah's new DVD: Volume 6 - Place it Like a Pro

Placement is everything to the appearance and sometimes the functionality of your embroidery. If it doesn't look right, it doesn't matter how many rules you followed. Deborah provides guidelines for embroidery placement, as well as sharing her practical approach to creating embroidery that is straight, in the right location, and facing the proper direction.

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Learn placement standards for:

Sheets and Pillowcases
Table Linens
Bath Towels
Golf Shirts
Shirt Cuffs
Collars and Plackets
Men's and Ladies' Sweaters
Infant Items


In this video lesson, you'll learn industry placement standards for the most commonly embroidered items.

Deborah demonstrates a wide variety of useful marking and targeting methods.

DVD Includes:

  • 30+ minutes of video instruction

  • Printable Placement Chart and Placement Tips

Bonus: 1 sheet of Target Stickers!

Embroidery software required to open the embroidery designs. Requires Adobe Reader to view PDF files. This DVD contains both video files and printable reference materials. You will need a DVD-ROM or DVD-R drive to access the printable reference materials.

Learn from the Expert:  Place it Like a Pro