Heat Away Thermogaze Gauze

Gunold Thermogaze™ Heat-Away™, is a heat-sensitive, viscose, gauze stabilizer that can be used to make free-standing embroidery lace. After the embroidery is complete, remaining stabilizer completely disintegrates with a household iron. The result is beautiful lace without any leftover residue. Heat Away™ is similar to Solvy®, but it is used with fabrics such as corduroy or velvet that cannot get wet.
Embroidery digitizing must be adjusted slightly when using Heat-Away™. The stitch count must be a slightly higher than for other applications. This adjustment ensures the stitches are anchored to hold the embroidery after the base material is removed.


How to remove Gunold Heat-Away:

  • After embroidery, Heat-Away can be removed after exposure to a temperature of 120°C to 180°C (248°F to 356°F).
  • With normal humidity and 180°C (356°F), the contact time is approx. 15 seconds. (will turn light brown)
  • In higher humidity increase contact time.
  • Do not use steam.
  • Brush or rub off remnants

How to stock Heat-Away:

  • Heat-Away must be protected against moisture, heat and sunlight.
  • Prior to use, store Heat-Away in a closed plastic bag. If Heat-Away is not immediately removed after the heat treatment, store the embroideries in a closed plastic bag.
  • Heat-Away will not be destroyed if incorrectly stored, but it will then be more difficult to remove.
  • Heat Away™ can be purchased in 10" x 110 yard rolls or 30" x 110 yard rolls of 100% viscose.
Heat Away Thermogaze Gauze