Gunold Thread Magic with FREE King Cone

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Whether you have a single-head or multi-head facility you will save time on the production floor by reducing thread breaks with this amazing thread accessory.

Simply attach to your machine and watch EVERY THREAD - especially metallics spin like magic!

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Easily run metallic thread productions at full speed and increase your productivity by 30%.

*Special OFFER: FREE king-cone spool of Gunold metallic thread with each Thread Magic ordered!

Samples of SIX of the most amazing Gunold stabilizers will be shipped with your order.  Each stabilizer was uniquely created to simply the embroidery process and streamline your production.

1. Tear Away Backing
2. Cut Away Backing Totally Stable
3. ActionBack Performance Wear Backing
4. Filmoplast Backing
5. AllStitch Backing
6. Pop Away Backing

*Cannot be combined with other offers.

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