Gunold Solvy Classic Products

Gunold Solvy™ ... The first in the industry and still the BEST!

Perfect for Embroidering on High Pile Fabrics
Solvy is a water- soluble embroidery topping and stabilizer that creates a smooth embroidery surface. Adding Gunold Solvy to your production process will provide high quality results even on high-pile fabrics, knitwear, terry cloth, or whenever highly-detailed embroideries would otherwise disappear in the material. The softer and bulkier the fabric, the easier the stitches tend to disappear into the material. Gunold's water soluble film is your answer!

3 Convenient Styles to Simplify Your Production: Standard Rolls, Perforated Rolls and Die Cut

Perfect for Small Lettering
Solvy also provides a smooth surface that keeps the needle from pushing the fabric around making it perfect for small lettering on textured piqué knit shirts. Every single stitch will be crisp with a detailed and needle sharp look.

Perfect for Embroidering on Products Where Both Sides Show
PLUS Gunold Solvy is often used as a backing for embroidery productions where both fabric sides are visible and you do not want any stabilizer to show such as scarves and towels.

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Solvy Classic Rolls - 20 Mil Thick

4" x 110 Yard Roll


10" x 110 Yard Roll


13" x 110 Yard Roll


40" x 110 Yard Roll


40" x 550 Yard Roll


Solvy Perforated Rolls
Solvy perforated rolls are conveniently ready to tear saving time and money on the production floor.

4" x 8" 110 Yard Roll (495 Pieces)


5" x 5" 110 Yard Roll (792 Pieces)


6" x 6" 110 Yard Roll (660 Pieces)


7" x 7" 110 Yard Roll (565 Pieces)


8" x 8" 110 Yard Roll (495 Pieces)


10" x 10" 110 Yard Roll (396 Pieces)


15" x 15" 110 Yard Roll (264 Pieces)


Solvy Die Cuts

5" x 5" (500 Pieces)


7" x 7" (500 Pieces)


Gunold Solvy Classic Products


Gunold Solvy Classic Products Gunold Solvy Classic Products Gunold Solvy Classic Products