Gunold MicroFonts Software

$249.00 USD


Increase your profit opportunities in the embellished apparel market with the first ever fully digitized commercial micro-lettering system.

Easily create clean, crisp embroidery lettering as small as 3MM!

10 popular micro font styles included.

A standalone software.

Your creativity will never again be limited by the size of your lettering!

Features include:

  • Easily open and merge multiple designs from Gunold or supported embroidery format* files.

  • Extensive alignment controls provide grouping, left, right, top, horizontal, vertical and centering options

  • Lettering tools enable text to be resized, rotated or repositioned around a design

  • Hoop tools provide the most common embroidery hoop sizes plus the ability to add custom sizes easily. Customize your hoop palette in a few simple clicks

  • Embroidery "Simulation" tools enable you to see how the design will sew out before you lay the first stitch

  • Easily customize the start and stop points of any lettering design giving you total control of your embroidery process

  • Gunold's thread palette is provided within the software for easy thread selection: 60 weight polyester (54 colors) 40 weight polyester (298 colors), 40 weight rayon (343 colors)

  • Simplify your production with editing shortcut options provided with the right click of the mouse

  • Easily adjust letter height, spacing, thickness, density settings underlay, pull compensation, stair step or position text around an object

  • Extensive underlay control features such as perpendicular, lattice, zigzag, parallel, contour, edge travel or center line

  • Pull compensation can be applied with a percentage or as an absolute offering production flexibility and control

  • Text commands enable trim controls by characters, words or lines of text

Formats Supported*: Gunold (GUN), Melco/Bernina (EXP), Tajima (DST), Tajima (DSB), Tajima (DSZ), SWF (SST), KSM (KSM), Barudan DOS (DAT), Toyota (10o), Barudan Dos (dat & Uxx),Zsk DOS (ZSK), Happy (TAP)

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7, 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 1GB Hard Drive Space, 2 Gigabyte RAM, CD or DVD Optical Drive, 800 x 600 Display, Mouse and Internet Access.