Gunold Filmoplast

Gunold Filmoplast – the PERFECT solution for hard to hold embroidery items.

Filmoplast backing, EXCLUSIVE to Gunold, is a self-adhesive, non-woven backing that provides superior support for items that are too small or too bulky to be hooped. Filmoplast positions the garment, maximizes the embroidery field, and won't leave marks on delicate embroidery fabrics or embroidery blanks. You can also use Filmoplast in hoops, continuous border frames, or for embroidering hats on standard machines or attach to the bottom of the hoop!

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  • Simple to Use: Just peel off the protective paper of Filmoplast® Stic and attach the garment or embroidery blank to the adhesive side of the non-woven backing.
  • No Additional Supplies Needed: Lay your material to be embroidered out on a span of Filmoplast® Stic and embroider without the use of costly embroidery clamping devices, spray on adhesives, or cumbersome supplies.
  • Go Hoop-less on Small Items: Your embroidery machine operators will love this for small items such as button parts, pockets ready cut, vignettes, cotton bonds, caps, etc. - they can go hoop-less!
  • Use with a Variety of Fabrics: With this embroidery method, you eliminate all marks on thin material such as cashmere, needle point, etc., and stretchable fabric can be smoothly placed on the machine with Filmoplast® Stic. Embroiders will not encounter shrinkage of the embroidery sewout after stitching. This is an important factor for jersey ware, T-shirts, fleece material, sweats, and so much more.
  • Save Time: When you go hoop-less with your embroidery designs you not only save time and effort by avoiding the hooping process altogether, but there is no need for spray adhesive.
  • Safe for Your Machine and Needles: The adhesive will not stick to the embroidery machine or embroidery needle, and it will not harm your embroidery machine electronics.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Filmoplast Stic embroidery backing is an environmentally green product in several ways. The adhesive material is solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Filmoplast Next Needle Price
6" X 6" Die Cut (100 Pieces), White $27.20
8" X 8" Die Cut (100 Pieces), White $42.40
20" X 27 Yard Roll, White $89.00
26" X 27 Yard Roll, White $116.00
33" X 27 Yard Roll, White $152.00
39" X 27 Yard Roll, White $170.00
Gunold Filmoplast


Gunold Filmoplast Gunold Filmoplast