Gunold Fabri-Solvy

Stabilizer Residues? Simply Wash Them Away!

Gunold Fabri-Solvy is your embroidery solution for any production where you there can be no stabilizer residue. Simply use it as fabric backing during embroidery process and dissolve it in water after finishing the design. It completely washes away!

This non-woven fabric backing and is suitable for any fabric that can be washed and is perfect for stabilizing shirt and blouse fabrics, jersey, denim or any free standing embroidery production such as emblems.

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PLUS when working with terry cloth, Fabri-Solvy can be used on both sides as a topping and backing to streamline your production with professional results.

Gunold provides only quality products that have been tried and tested in the clothing, promotion and home textile industries.

Fabri-Solvy is a must have staple in your daily embroidery productions.

3 Simple Steps for High Quality Production

Hooping: Back your fabric with Fabri-Solvy and hoop it.

  1. After Embroidering: Remove the backing and tear away all excess Fabri-Solvy.
  2. Washing and/or Iron: The backing residues will completely wash away during the first wash. If you don't wish to wash the embroidery to remove residual Solvy simply wet a remnant piece of this amazing nonwoven backing, place it on the embroidery and iron until completely dry. When you tear away the remnant all Solvy will be removed.
  3. Fabri-Solvy will dissolve in cold water however the dissolving process time will be less with increased water temperatures as shown below.

Dissolving Times:
68°F - approx. 3 minutes
77°F - approx. 2 minutes
86°F - approx. 1 minute
104°F - approx. 15 seconds

Safe for the Environment
Fabri-Solvy water-soluble backing is made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and leaves no health-hazardous substances in the water!

Fabri-Solvy should be stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. Flexible Sizing

Convenient Sizes at a Great Price from Next Needle:

Fabri-Solvy Price
8" x 8" Die Cut (100 Pieces) $16.70
8" x 8" Die Cut (500 Pieces) $55.00
11.5" x 131 Yard Roll $95.00
17.5" x 131 Yard Roll $150.00
30" x 131 Yard Roll $205.00
60" x 131 Yard Roll $395.00
Gunold Fabri-Solvy


Gunold Fabri-Solvy