There's no better thread than our SULKY 100% rayon thread. Rayon thread (also known as viscose embroidery thread), is recognized worldwide for ease of use and brilliant luster. If you want to run an efficient embroidery shop, this thread is a great choice for you.  Because Sulky rayon is so good, you can bet that any sewout issues are almost never attributable to our thread.

  • Smooth Operation: Smooth operation for your embroidery machine is a must. Our thread lets your machine perform at its best. 
  • High Tensile Strength: SULKY is a high tensile strength embroidery thread that will do the job. Its properties are also environmentally green.
  • Fewer Thread Breaks: When using on a high speed, multi-head, embroidery machine, you will experience fewer thread breaks and a quieter running machine. Optimize your embroidery machine performance with only the finest rayon thread...Sulky Rayon.
  • Non-Abrasive: SULKY rayon thread is easier on your machines due to the non-abrasive touch they feature. No more worries about thread damaging or wearing your machine down.
  • Variety of Embroidery Thread Cone Sizes & Colors: Available in cones and mini-king sizes in hundreds of colors, and we will help you to match Pantone color numbers. Call 1-800-432-3781 for your free, 40-weight color card or color chart to see our thread color palette for yourself.
  • High Quality Finish: SULKY's just-right sheen gives your embroidery blanks a luscious look and finish. Our color varieties are strikingly beautiful and sport an extraordinary finish luster. Your customers will recognize the difference, and be able to catch the eye of potential customers for your embroidery business.
  • Consistency: Our rayon embroidery thread is a consistent thread from inch to inch, yard to yard, and cone to cone. You can set your machine tension and not be concerned about thread variations that are typical of lower quality rayon threads.

Try It!

A word to the wise: Lower quality embroidery threads, whether rayon or polyester, often become apparent to the user in the form of frequent thread breaks. Sadly, these low or medium quality products are sometimes marketed by name brand companies who have slowly degraded their quality during tough economic conditions. At Gunold, we will not compromise on quality.

If you are a commercial embroiderer, you can enjoy the extraordinary consistency of SULKY's industrial rayon thread and our wholesale pricing. SULKY embroidery thread is produced in 40-weight and 30-weight rayon, and we highly recommend our 75/11 embroidery machine needles. Note we do not sell to home embroiderers. To qualify as a commercial embroider, just furnish us with your sales tax exemption certificate.