Gunold's cut-away Soft n' Sheer Stabilizer is a textured, non-woven, spun bonded nylon embroidery backing and it is most popularly used with knitwear. Soft 'n Sheer embroidery backing is now available in both black and white.

  • Permanent Stability: Gunold Soft n' Sheer embroidery backing provides permanent stability to computerized embroidery designs, embroidery appliqu├ęs, and embroidery monograms on lightweight knits and woven materials.
  • Excellent Stretch Resistance: Soft n' Sheer cut away backing eliminates pulling or sagging from the surrounding fabric not only during the stitching process but also during washing and wearing.

Usage Tips for Soft n' Sheer
Embroidery operators and embroidery digitizers using Soft n' Sheer embroidery backing are encouraged to experiment on different combinations of this product on different weights of product. Up to three layers of Soft n' Sheer may be used depending on the type of embroidery product and density of embroidery stitching as called for by the digitized embroidery design.

Soft n' Sheer will not tolerate a hot iron; use a low temperature and a press cloth when ironing, or press from the fabric side only.

This specialty embroidery backing is less noticeable under more transparent fabrics.

The permanency of this stabilizer acts as a permanent support for embroidery thread. When done with the embroidery process, the embroidery machine operator can cut away excess stabilizer, but must avoid cutting the fabric it is stabilizing.

Soft n' Sheer Embroidery Backing Configurations
This backing is a world-class stand-out product and considered among top embroidery experts to be one of the best embroidery backing products available. Gunold carries a large inventory of this cut-away backing and is ready to ship (usually the same day) in a variety of put-ups. Die cuts and rolls of Soft n' Sheer are available in many sizes and custom stabilizer cutting is available from our own on-site converting facility. Contact Gunold for a quote to meet your exact specifications.