For 85 years, our customers have trusted Gunold to produce high quality polyester embroidery thread. We believe there is no better polyester thread on the market than our thread lineup. We are now offering Poly 40 thread in 1,100 "mini-king" cones. Mini-king cones are a perfect size for small embroidery jobs or for colors used infrequently in a modest quantity. This smaller cone size also has a distinct additional advantage; a convenient snap spool. This allows you to tuck the tail of the embroidery thread into the cone base once you are done, to ensure no thread tangles and a cleaner and more organized embroidery shop. Many Gunold customers find mini thread cones are an economical way of stocking their embroidery shop with a wide selection of colors for those unexpected rush embroidery jobs. More colors mean less downtime, and servicing more customers in faster. For more popular colors, you may opt for some core colors in our larger 5,500 yard cones.

At Gunold we're proud to stand by the fact that our polyester embroidery thread is not only chlorine resistant, but stunningly, fully bleach resistant for hundreds of washes. Our Poly 40 thread is consistent cone after cone and discounted when you buy in volume!