Gunold's popular 40 weight polyester embroidery thread is available in 5,500 yard thread cones. It's proven to be one of the most consistent polyester threads on the market in terms of steadfast durability and unrelenting color consistency from batch to batch. With Gunold Poly 40's high tensile strength you can expect fewer thread breaks than other comparable threads on the market. Our thread is impervious to bleach and will not compromise its color or high tensile strength under heavy long-term use. It's the perfect choice for industrial work apparel like embroidered names on restaurant or janitorial uniforms.

Our poly 40 embroidery thread is simply gorgeous. Think of it as winning race horse - beautiful, strong and you can run it fast! Also, don't hesitate to ask us about volume thread discounts! Upgrade to the best wholesale polyester embroidery thread; Gunold poly 40.