If you're looking for a vintage, hand-embroidered look, your search is over!  We are pleased to introduce you to Gunold's Filaine acrylic embroidery thread. Who would guess that this high quality thread is designed to operate on high speed, multi-head embroidery machines? Use this classic wool-like embroidery thread for your embroideries on knit or wool garments, chenille, colorful ethnic clothes, or for folk clothing look - the choice is yours!

Filaine is the choice of expert embroidery operators looking for rustic embroideries with a classic needlework appearance. Despite its fine woolen look, it's extremely robust throughout the entire embroidery process and is known for its high tear and rub resistance

Compare our toughest FILAINE embroidery thread with Madeira Bermilana embroidery thread

If you are trying to achieve a rustic, old-world look on woolens, knits, vintage-style patterns for traditional costumes, or colorful ethnic clothes, Filaine acrylic embroidery thread is the perfect fit for your project. Our competitors offer a product similar to our Filaine acrylic embroidery thread. We encourage you to compare our product to others and experience for yourself our superior quality. If you're a qualified business owner, we'll provide you a free sample of filaine, as well as a color card or color chart. Call or email us for more information. Gunold is your one-stop source for the highest quality embroidery products and unique world-class embroidery instruction. Sign up for our emails to ensure you are up-to-date on our industry news and upcoming events.