Commercial Embroidery Bobbins

Gunold offers high quality, pre-wound embroidery bobbins.  We stock one of the largest inventories of high quality economy bobbins in the country.  Our economy bobbins are consistent, inexpensive and simply amazing!  We still do offer brand name Coats bobbins and Fil-Tec magnetic Magna-Glide bobbins for those who like to stick with trusted legacy names.  Whatever your choice, same-day free shipping is available with your minimum internet order.

Do you ever have problems with embroidery bobbin breaks?

Embroidery bobbin thread breaks can be caused by any number of individual or combination of factors. The first step of preventing this is using high quality bobbin thread. Next try various adjustments to your machine, digitizing design changes, changing to another type of bobbin, and consider the garment and embroidery stabilizer you are using.

Deborah Jones says often that successful embroidery is only possible with a quality bobbin, and we highly encourage you to check out our crazy high quality economy bobbins!  Not to sound like a broken record, but really, why spend more on brand name prewound bobbins when Gunold's economy bobbins are gaining in popularity, and they save you so much money?  Oh....and as you browse our website for embroidery bobbins, we suggest you exploit the free freight by adding your other embroidery supply needs to the same order!