ORGAN® Embroidery Needles

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The right embroidery needle really matters! Organ needles are our sole needle offering because they are simply the best available. Not only is the quality outstanding, but they provide an extensive product line to meet a variety of needs. For creative projects the right needle is as important as the base fabric and embroidery thread being used. With Organ’s there is always an ideal needles for any embroidery material.

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How to find the right embroidery needle

Every fabric requires a specific type and size of embroidery needle. It’s important to consider these important needle characteristics:

The finer the embroidery thread and the sheerer the fabric, the smaller the needle size should be. The thicker the embroidery thread, the larger the needle size should be, because the needle's eye must be larger to accommodate the thread.

Tip: Slip the thread into a needle outside of the machine. Hold the thread horizontal and fairly taut on both ends. Then let the needle slide down by alternately lifting the right and left hand. If the needle slides easily down the thread, the needle size is correct.

Embroidery Needle Sizes and Types and Applications

When choosing a needle consider tip shapes. For perfect embroidery results, three different categories are available: